Patriots WR Julian Edelman Gets Flirty With Model Daiane Sodre

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman recently turned heads on social media when he exchanged comments with model Daiane Sodre. The 27-year-old Brazilian shared a series of black-and-white photos on Instagram as part of the "challenge accepted" movement. Edelman responded with "Linda [heart eyes, fire emoji]." Linda translates to "beautiful" in Portuguese.

According to Swipe Sports, the interaction did not end there. Edelman also responded to a bikini photo with a series of emojis. This included the fire emoji. The model responded to Edelman with "ditto [kissy face emoji]. The outlet also reports that Edelman is not dating anyone publicly, but he is "casually" seeing someone. The pair have been on and off again for a number of years, but the comments are the first public ones since rumors of their relationship originally surfaced.

Back in 2018, rumors surfaced that Edelman and Sodre were together. Sources for the two celebrities would not provide confirmation, but the reports continued for another year. The pair also reportedly spent time together at Martha's Vineyard in 2019.

The relationship is unconfirmed, but the reports will continue as both Edelman and Sodre comment on each other's profiles. Although the receiver's focus is slightly changing. He is preparing for the 2020 NFL season while adjusting to a new quarterback.

Edelman previously posted about the start of the training camp and discussed the unique challenge of 2020. This will be his first season without Tom Brady throwing him passes, as well as the first without fans cheering him on. While some people might run from the challenge, Edelman states that he is taking a very different approach.


"Each year for more than a decade, the last week in July has meant one thing, training camp," Edelman wrote on Instagram. "This year is unlike any other in so many ways, but it also has its similarities. Camp is all about facing challenges head on. Overcoming adversity. This year is no different. Improve every day, keep your eye on the ball, and get those legs churning. #RelentlessMindset."

The Patriots are now at training camp, but Edelman previously took part in some workouts with his new quarterback. He joined Cam Newton on the practice field and caught some deep passes. The former Carolina Panthers star posted evidence on Twitter and included a backing soundtrack of Disturbed's "Down With the Sickness." The footage — in black and white — showed Newton launching a deep pass to Edelman at the UCLA facility and sparked excitement among Patriots fans.