Gordon Hayward's Wife Posts Heartfelt Message as He Leaves for NBA Restart in Orlando

Boston Celtics star Gordon Hayward is one of many NBA players heading to Orlando for the season restart. He is leaving his pregnant wife and three daughters at home, resulting in "lots and lots of tears." Now Robyn Hayward is reacting to his departure with a heartfelt message on social media.

"We knew NBA means lots of travel, but not for months at a time," Robyn wrote on Instagram. "We're so grateful for the time we've had together but in a way that makes it harder especially for the girls. They've got to do so many things together throughout this time which has been so neat to watch. They are so in love with their dad he's the ultimate playmate and tends to break my 'rules' haha so he's obviously the fun parent."

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As Robyn continued to explain, Hayward stays with their daughters every night until they fall asleep. This will not happen for the foreseeable future due to the Celtics taking part in the altered NBA season, and the three daughters will have to adjust to the changes. However, Robyn said that the entire family is excited to watch Hayward play after they finish crying.

Once Hayward returns home, he will have to adjust to a major change that took place during his time in Florida. The couple previously announced in March that they are expecting a fourth child, their first boy. The due date is sometime in September, which coincides with the Eastern Conference semifinals.

The Celtics could still have games scheduled when Robyn goes into labor, which brings up questions about how Hayward will address the situation. As he told ESPN, leaving the NBA bubble to see the birth of his fourth child is a "pretty easy decision." He said that he has been at the births of every one of his children, and he plans on continuing this trend.


The league has restrictions in place for situations in which players need to leave the bubble. If Hayward leaves and is gone for less than a week, he can return to the bubble after only four days, although he will have to test negative for COVID-19. Utah Jazz guard Mike Conley faces a similar situation considering that his wife has a due date of Aug. 27.

While Hayward and the Celtics compete in Orlando, Robyn and their three daughters will make a trip of their own. They will head to Indianapolis to be with their family. Hayward will continue to use technology to keep in touch with his loved ones, communicating every day with video calls. He also said he will try to take part in storytime despite it not being the same as being in person.