Former NFL Linebacker Dhani Jones Using Instagram Live to Help Families Impacted by COVID-19 (Exclusive)

When Dhani Jones retired from the NFL in 2011, he began to do more work in media. He has been a host of several different shows on different networks, which has led to him now being the host of a new Instagram Live show — Stand Together Live. Different from previous shows that Jones has been a part of in the past, Stand Together Live shines apart from others as it aims to help families affected by COVID-19. The show is also made possible by the organization Stand Together, which has raised over $44 million with donations or just acts of kindness.

"All of us find our way out of the restrictions that we live within now in different ways," Jones said to exclusively. "It has allowed me a portal in someone else's world. We hope that it's the same for other people on their side going into the same portal. It creates this environment of supporting words and little nuggets of hope." For the Stand Together Live series, Jones has talked to various notable figures including DJ D-Nice (twice), TV Host and former NFL player, Spice Adams, National Geographic photographer and director of Free Solo, Jimmy Chin, Philadelphia Eagles DE, Brandon Graham and Olympic gold medalist and Dancing With the Stars champion, Shawn Johnson. Jones and his guests discuss various topics including their life experiences, struggles and encouraging everyone to donate to Stand Together.

"The Stand Together Live Series progresses with move conversation with those that have inherently changed their thoughts and provide a philosophical way of looking at things," Jones added. "It's really about putting forth the effort, whether it's Shawn Johnson, Jimmy Chin. Spice Adams or D Nice, it's about their story. That's the power of Stand Together Live."

Along with the Stand Together Live shows, Jones has been encouraging everyone to donate even if you don't have any money. One of the big things Stand Together has done is donate $500 to a family every time one person does an act of kindness. How that works is through an act of kindness posted on social media with the hashtag, #GiveTogetherNow, which will create a $500 donation to a family experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19. Stand Together's work has helped over 87,000 families and counting. Jones, who played in the NFL from 2000-2010, has been impacted greatly by Stand Together and will continue to work with them once the coronavirus pandemic is over.


"Our goal is not to stop after a couple of months, our goal is to continue," Jones said who played four seasons with New York Giants and four seasons with the Cincinnati Bengals. "We believe that this can be a regular thing. There's a lot of good work happening in the philanthropic community. If we can bring awareness to people's good works, then let's keep doing that."