Las Vegas Aces' A'ja Wilson Reacts to Tom Brady Joining Ownership Group (Exclusive)

01/29/2024 05:24 pm EST

The Las Vegas Aces are on top of the WNBA world right now as they are the defending back-to-back league champions. The 2023 season was special for the team because Tom Brady joined the ownership group, making him a champion once again. spoke to 2023 WNBA Finals MVP A'ja Wilson about Brady and her interactions with the seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback. 

"I feel like Tom Brady's the only person I talk to on the bench, and Becky [Harmon] won't get mad, so it was pretty cool just to see him at the game," Wilson told PopCulture. "We were like, 'Oh my god, Tom Brady.' But then I also had an opportunity to be on his podcast as well, and it's pretty amazing. When you talk to him, you understand why he's great. And I love having those conversations with people that have been in that limelight that knows that struggle to get to that point. And it's been truly amazing."

Wilson went on to talk about the benefits of having Brady as a minority owner. "I'm glad that he chose us because obviously, it's like, we're cool, but Tom Brady has a seat at the table and from there we can do some things," she said. "So anytime you're in a room with someone that can really sit at the table and have a voice, oh, we're all for it, like, here we go, here's our list. Thanks. So he's super cool and super open to learning more about women's basketball and things like... I mean, obviously, he grew up with a lot of sisters, so he's familiar with that."

Along with learning from Brady, Wilson, 27, will have some fun at NBA All-Star Weekend next month (Feb. 16-18) at Gainbridge Fieldhouse (Lucas Oil Stadium for All-Star Saturday night) in Indiana. She has partnered with Ruffles for their launch of Ridgeline Unlocks, a weekend-long NBA All-Star opportunity headlined by a national search for the first-ever fans to take the court with the celebrities and take the game's first shots from the Ruffles Ridgeline — a four-point line on the hardwood resembling the ridges in Ruffles potato chips. 

"So it unlocks a lot of things for the fans to have an opportunity to really be involved into the game," Wilson explained. "And myself and Jason Tatum are picking two fans. They're going to send in all these videos of them shooting a four-pointer, and then the two winners get to fly out to Indiana. ... . We are also in a huge stadium, so I'm curious just to see what they're going to bring. Ruffles really brings a lot out of people, because it gets you involved, gets you locked into what they present. So I'm excited for it. I'm kind of nervous for the people that we pick, but it should be fun."

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