Christian Bale Unrecognizable as Dick Cheney in 'Vice' Movie Trailer

The first official trailer has been released for Vice, the Dick Cheney biopic starring Christian [...]

The first official trailer has been released for Vice, the Dick Cheney biopic starring Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Steve Carell and Sam Rockwell.

Watch the trailer in the video above.

Bale underwent yet another incredible transformation to play Cheney, and leads the all-star cast. Rockwell plays George W. Bush, Adams plays Dick Cheney's wife Lynne Cheney and Carell took on the role of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

From director Adam McKay comes the star-studded movie, which in conjunction with 2015's The Big Short, McKay is using to foray into a more serious territory from his first comedic projects like Anchorman and Step Brothers.

Other big names like Alison Pill (The Newsroom), Jesse Plemons (Fargo), Lily Rabe (American Horror Story) and Tyler Perry are also set to appear in the film.

In the trailer, we see Bush (Rockwell) sitting down with Cheney (Bale) for a chicken wing dinner, proposing that Cheney be his running mate as vice president in the 2000 presidential election. Cheney makes it clear he's not interested in the typical, "mostly symbolic" role of VP — and that he'd be open to handling the mundane task if he could also deal with affairs like bureaucracy, military, energy and foreign policy.

"Yeah, right," Bush says. Then, after a beat, "I like that."

Elsewhere in the trailer, we see Lynne (Adams) tell her husband, "When you have power, people will always try to take it from you, always."

"So we gonna do this thing or what, I mean, is this happening?" Bush says back at the chicken wing dinner.

"I believe we can make this work," Cheney responds, hands clasped in thought beneath his chin.

"Hot damn!" Bush laughs.

Just as he did to play hedge fund manager Michael Burry in The Big Short, Bale underwent a weight-gaining transformation, increasing his calorie intake in order to pack on the pounds it took to portray Cheney's physique. Add in a bald cap, glasses and a suit complete with an American flag lapel pin and Bale has turned full-on Cheney.

The trailer also shows a shot of Cheney falling while clutching his heart, indicating the movie will deal with the heart problems he suffered while serving in the White House. We'll even get to see Bale as a younger Cheney with a nearly-full head of hair.

Although Vice bypassed the popular film festivals in Venice, Telluride and Toronto, some movie pundits are still saying it could shake things up in the Oscars world come awards season.

From Annapurna Pictures, Vice is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day.