'Snake Eyes': G.I. Joe Scribe Larry Hama Comments on Movie's 'Blood Brothers' Theme (Exclusive)

Paramount's Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins movie exploded into movie theaters back in July, and it had fans excited about a new direction for the hit franchise. Recently G.I. Joe scribe Larry Hama, who has written a number of G.I. Joe comics, sat down for an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com to discuss the high-energy action film. Opening up about the film's plot, Hama explained that the "blood brothers" theme of Snake Eyes (Henry Golding) and Storm Shadow's (Andrew Koji) relationship.

Hama shared that even in the G.I. Joe mythology there is always a "rift" that "divides" the two men, but he explained that it has almost always led to a "redemption" and "reconciliation." In the Snakes Eyes movie, the traditional storyline between the two is slightly "reversed," but Hama clarifies that all the crucial "elements are still there." He added, "That's what makes the relationship work."

The Snake Eyes creator also shared his thoughts on what made the character so compelling for nearly the past four decades. "There's a number of factors here. First of all, when we started out," Hama said, "he just looked badass. Black outfits, in a mask and he was covered from head to foot." The benefit here, Hama says, is that "any kid...could imagine themselves as Snake Eyes. So he had this other universality of appeal in that way." 

Hama added that the other important factor in Snake Eyes' popularity is that "as his character developed, we really sort of honed in on his ethical and moral core." He continued, "That is something that he will not violate. And, his sense of loyalty." Hama also addressed the relationship that Snake Eyes and Scarlet have in the comic, saying that "she accepts him for what he is" even though he is "badly disfigured" underneath his mask. That's a powerful fantasy, for a kid, to have somebody accept you no matter what."


Finally, Hama explained that the fact Snake Eyes is such a reliable character is valuable for fans. "If you're up the creek someplace dangling and horrible dangerousness, Snake Eyes will come [and] get you out of it. He'll show up." Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins is now available on Digital HD and Premium VOD, and hits 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand on October 19th.