Tom Arnold Reveals He Used to Attend Playboy Mansion Parties With Donald Trump

Out of all the celebrity tributes to the late Hugh Hefner, Tom Arnold's memory has to be one of the most unexpected.

The True Lies star dished to TMZ about how he had once visited the Playboy Mansion with President Donald Trump. According to Arnold, Trump had been in relationships with two Playmates.

"I went to the Playboy Mansion with Donald Trump, and I was not the pervy guy," he said. "I swear to God."

Arnold then went on to talk about his time around the late Playboy founder, including how Trump was treated at the mansion.

"(Hugh) was a sweet, sweet man," Arnold said. "He was certainly always good to me and to Donald Trump."


The former Roseanne actor then shared some more thoughts on Hefner, who he credits with helping him mature as an adolescent.

"I have many good memories of Hugh," he said. "If you were his friend, he was very loyal. I really admired the guy. Growing up, I had no mother, so without Hugh Hefner, I wouldn't know what a woman looked like."