Roseanne Barr Threatens to Retire After Political Argument on Twitter

Roseanne Barr threw herself into some political arguments on Twitter this week that might have long-term implications for her career.

After a long day of arguing with ideological opponents, Barr tweeted that she's going to "retire." The tweets have all since been deleted.

"I won't be censored or silence chided or corrected and continue to work," the TV icon wrote yesterday. "I retire right now. I've had enough. bye!"

The tweet came after a tirade in favor of President Trump and his policies, and some hostile sentiments towards former-president Barack Obama and former-Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton.

Barr made sure her political leanings were crystal clear to her followers on Wednesday, tweeting "[For] those who wonder-back in the day when I was called a 'liberal' by journalists, I used to answer-'I'm not a Liberal, I'm a radical' & I still am-I voted Trump 2 shake up the status quo & the staid establishment."

Barr has spoken out in favor of President Trump in the past, though never so vehemently or argumentatively. She took part in some threaded debates with people who oppose the Trump administration, though all of those tweets are gone now.

Beyond her support of the president, Barr shared some unfavorable opinions about high-profile liberals like the Clintons and Obamas.

"according to Gallup, americans most admire 2 ppl who killed more innocent ppl than anyone else in US history. oh, well," she tweeted, referring to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. She also tweeted "Trump is fighting pedophiles and he likes Jews-that infuriates some people," possibly referring to the "Pizza-gate" conspiracy theory.

The Roseanne star also reappropriated the "#MeToo" hashtag on Thursday, posting "have you been threatened by fans of HRC? Tell us about it-#MeToo" after her arguments had escalated.

Finally, Barr precipitated her retirement threat with a few other statements. "the only way to WIN is not to play the game and I will not play," she wrote in one tweet, and then in another she said "do not expect to hear anything more from me. Its a waste of time to oppose fascists here. bye!"

Since then, Barr has deleted nearly all of her 134,000 tweets. All that remains on her profile at this point are a few retweets of statements against her, and a link to a service that allows Twitter users to delete old posts en masse.

Barr wasn't without allies in her Twitter tantrum. While all of her posts have been deleted, some in support of her haven't. James Woods, another actor noted for his right-leaning ideology, posted some praise of the sitcom star.


It's unclear whether the "retirement" Barr was talking about is from social media alone, or applies her career in general.

Either way, the revival of Roseanne is still set to premiere on ABC this March.