Mark Wahlberg Refused to Work With Christopher Plummer Without Pay Raise

The controversy surrounding Ridley Scott's latest film All the Money in the World never seems to end.

The trouble started back in October when Kevin Spacey, playing one of the starring roles as J. Paul Getty, was outed for sexual misconduct by multiple accusers. Scott had no choice but to recast the role, but instead of pushing the film's release date back he brought in Christopher Plummer as a replacement and managed to reshoot the film in time for its Dec. 18 release date.

But it didn't stop there. On Wednesday reports came out that Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million for the reshoots, but his co-star Michelle Williams was paid a mere $80 per day.

It was later reported that part of why Wahlberg got paid so much was because there was no re-shoots clause in his contract, giving him the freedom to negotiate a deal. Then on Thursday USA TODAY reported Wahlberg demanded more money not because of the reshoots, but because he had to work alongside Plummer.

"What he said was, 'I will not approve Christopher Plummer unless you pay me.' And that's how he (expletive) them," an anonymous source told USA TODAY.

According to TMZ, Scott personally flew to London to convince Wahlberg to participate in the reshoots, but Wahlberg refused to do it for free and stood by his demands.

"Our sources say after Wahlberg committed, his reps and the two main financiers for the movie had discussions, and his reps said Mark 'never' works for free and demanded the money, and made it clear he would not reshoot the scenes unless he got what he was after," TMZ reported. "We're told the financing guys had no choice and agreed to pay."


The film went on to be nominated for three Golden Globes on Sunday, including Plummer earning a Best Supporting Actor nomination.