'Criminal Minds' Star Shares 'IT' and 'Scooby Doo'-Inspired Cast Photo

The Criminal Minds cast is a tight knit one, and the group often has fun together both on set and off.

In a new behind-the-scenes photo shared by cast member Matthew Gray Gubler, he and a group of other cast members stand in front of an abandoned-looking house, with one member of the crew dressed in a yellow raincoat and holding a red balloon, calling to mind the recent film adaptation of Stephen King's It.

The group's expressions range from shocked to happy, although it's unclear whether the creepy set is part of a scene or just a photo background.

"Realized today that criminal minds is basically just live action scooby doo and i'mfreakinvelma," Gubler cracked in the snap's caption.

Criminal Minds is currently gearing up for its thirteenth season, which premieres Sept. 27 on CBS. The BAU will pick up with their hunt for Mr. Scratch, and TV Guide reports that Jamie Kennedy, who played cannibal Floyd Feylinn in the 2007 episode "Lucky," will make his return.

Photo Credit: CBS