Two Dead After Mass Shooting in Toronto Neighborhood

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Two Dead After Mass Shooting in Toronto Neighborhood

Boyfriend Suspected of Killing Girlfriend Leaves Behind Mysterious Suicide Note

The boyfriend of a teenager found dead in her bedroom left behind an odd suicide note before taking his own life.

PEOPLE reports Paul Audrey Adams, 19, shot himself Oct. 2 in front of investigators with the same firearm he used to kill his girlfriend, 14-year-old Tristan Dilley the day before at her home in Buna, Texas.

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In the minutes after his death by suicide, investigators found a handwritten suicide note apologizing to the family of Tristan, whom he was secretly dating.

“He didn’t know their names, but he was sorry for what had taken place,” Jasper County, Texas, Sheriff’s Lt. Ryan Cunningham tells PEOPLE.

However, Adams denied killing his girlfriend in the letter, writing that he “loved” Tristan.

“I know what you’re thinking but I didn’t kill her,” Adams wrote. “I loved Tristan with all my heart. I know we shouldn’t have snuck around but I also know she’s 14 and I am 19 but that did not matter to us.”

Instead, he went on to write that the killer was an intruder who broke into the home while he was secretly visiting her.

“We thought it was her parents, but it was some man,” he wrote, adding, “Thinking it was her parents, I hid in the bathroom, but I realized it wasn’t her parents when Tristan started screaming.”

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Authorities say that Adams gave a description of an older white male with a beard, adding the teenager “hid in the shower” and “could hear Tristan screaming, ‘Get off of me.’”

The 19-year-old went on to write that he “couldn’t live” knowing he was “too much of a coward” to do anything about it.

Prior to taking his own life, Texas Rangers were searching for Adams after Tristan’s death, discovering a campsite, complete with tent, ax and handcuff, along with his Corolla next to the canal. Just 150 yards away him, as they attempted to approach, Adams reached for the gun and shot himself.

Cunningham says investigators found a .22-caliber magnum revolver at Adams’ campsite, and while ballistic tests have yet to be conducted, they are certain it is the same gun used to kill Tristan.

“There were three spent rounds,” Cunningham said. “She had two gunshots to the head and he had one. It was a .22-caliber that killed him and her. Everything lines up.”

Despite evidence implicating Adams as her killer, the depth of their young relationship remains unknown, as does what may have motivated him to violence.

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