Whitey Bulger Killers Reportedly Tried to Remove Mob Boss's Tongue and Eyes

New details continue to emerge in the death of the infamous Whitey Bulger, as TMZ reports that his [...]

New details continue to emerge in the death of the infamous Whitey Bulger, as TMZ reports that his assailants attempted to cut his tongue out.

Bulger was killed in a federal prison on Tuesday, after a life of work in organized crime. Investigators believe that Bulger was targeted by other criminals, and treated like a "rat." Sources at the United States Penitentiary Hazelton, where he was held, say that Bulger was brutally beaten and tortured by his attackers, who intended to send a powerful message.

Authorities now say that Bulger was killed in his own maximum security cell, rather than a common area as first reported. They believe four inmates entered the cell, beating Bulger with a heavy lock in a soc. The attackers also used a makeshift knife to try and gouge the mobster's eyes out, and to cut out his tongue. Sources said that Bulger's mouth was full of blood, though they're not sure if his tongue was actually completely removed.

There is reportedly even surveillance footage of the attackers coming and going. It shows four other prisoners entering Bulger's cell, approaching him where he sat in his wheelchair. While the cameras did not catch the actual murder, it shows all four prisoners leaving some time later with blood all over their clothes.

After that, the attackers reportedly returned to their own cells to change. They returned later with a mop to clean up after themselves.
TMZ's sources said that prison officials are treating this like a mob retaliation kill. They believe that Bulger had angered his previous associates, and was treated as a police informant is typically treated.

Bulger has reportedly helped authorities capture other prominent criminals, prompting some organization to put a hit out on him. Authorities believe that the removal of Bulger's tongue and eyes were meant to prove that the attack was carried out by members of the mob.

The whole attack took place around 6 a.m. on Tuesday. Bulger had moved into the West Virginia penitentiary recently, after spending a long time in another Oklahoma prison. The infamous criminal was sentenced to life in prison back in 2013. He was once the leader of the Winter Hill Gang, a criminal organization in Boston, Massachussetts.

Bulger's life was the subject of Black Mass, a 2015 drama starring Johnny Depp. It followed his life as both a gangster and then an FBI informant. Bulger is considered responsible for at least 22 murders in his life.