Wendy's Offers Any Size of French Fries for $1

Wendy's is back at it with the special deals, this time offering $1 any size French fries.The [...]

Wendy's is back at it with the special deals, this time offering $1 any size French fries.

The burger chain is offering $1 orders of its "large natural-cut fries" for a limited time starting Monday at participating Wendy's. A small order of fries usually goes for $2.29, with a medium for $2.69 and large for $2.89.

The catch, however, is that the specially priced fries are not available with combo meals.

The dollar-fry deal is just the latest in special promotions from the Columbus, Ohio-based fast-food chain. Just last month, Wendy's gave away free cheeseburgers with any order from their mobile app for the last two weeks of the month, starting on National Cheeseburger Day.

And in July, the chain gave out free two-piece chicken tenders to customers on National Chicken Tenders Day.

Wendy's, which has more than 6,000 locations worldwide and is quickly becoming known for its fun Twitter presence almost as much as its burgers and chicken sandwiches, continues its guerrilla marketing against McDonald's and other chains that freeze their burgers before serving them.

In an attack ad on McDonald's last month, Wendy's cites a Fast Company article describing the Golden Arches burgers as "dry and... [not] hot enough" thanks to the company's flash-freezing process. The ad then lists the burgers on the McDonald's menu that it says are flash frozen.

But McDonald's and other fast food restaurants are catching on. Recently, McDonald's rolled out fresh beef in its Quarter Pounders and announced plans to use fresh beef in other menu items. But Wendy's is still pushing back.

"McDonald's announcement today is basically saying that in about a year or so, only ONE of their hamburgers will be made with fresh beef and not even in all of their restaurants," Wendy's chief concept and marketing officer Kurt Kane told PEOPLE.

The company's sassy tone made headlines last month when Wendy's Twitter account clapped back at a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan when the fan didn't appreciate the company's joke.

After Nebraska's football team lost 56-10 to Michigan, Wendy's took a shot at Nebraska's head coach, Scott Frost.

"Might need a Scott Frosty to ice down the beating Nebraska is taking," Wendy's tweeted. But one follower didn't appreciate the pun, writing that it was "not smart" because "Nebraska fans eat fast food too."

"Pretty sure they also know how to take a joke," Wedy's responded, not backing down.

"Jokes are funny, this is not," the fan wrote.

"Lol, maybe we should start selling pacifiers too," Wendy's said in its epic clapback.

Check out Wendy's savage tweets on their Twitter profile while you're waiting in the drive-thru for you dollar fries — for a limited time only.