Nikolas Cruz Spoke About Race, Violence and Guns in Private Group Chat

Admitted Florida school shooting gunman Nikolas Cruz repeatedly expressed hate speech and spoke about violent acts in a private group message.

CNN was granted access to an Instagram group message that contained Cruz and several other teenagers, all of whom refused to confirm their identities to the outlet.

Since Cruz, 19, joined the group in August 2017, he continually discussed his hatred for racial groups, expressed his desires to commit violence and showed off his weapon purchases.

Cruz specifically said he hated "Jews, n—s, immigrants" and repeated other violent rhetoric about groups. He said he wanted to kill Mexicans, chain up and slit throats of black people and shoot gay people "in the back of head."

He also described those in interracial relationships as "traitors."

CNN also reports the mass murderer, who has admitted to killing 17 people in Wednesday's school shooting, claimed he hated black people because they were black and Jewish people because they "wanted to destroy the world."

His anti-Semitic views also extended to his family. He lashed out at his birth mother, who was apparently a member of the religion.

"My real mom was a Jew," Cruz wrote. "I am glad I never met her."

He also showed off firearms and accessories to fellow group members, who shared similar views as him.

Cruz posted a video of himself shooting a rifle out of a window, to which the other group members gave him critiques on the weapon. One person even recommended that Cruz purchase an after-market accessory that would have made his semi-automatic AR-15 weapon fully automatic.

The now-assailant, who is expected to plead guilty to the murders at Stoneman Douglas High School, also shared a selfie wearing body armor he recently purchased online at a discount. He had told the group beforehand he would be spending his $330 paycheck on the accessory.

Cruz then asked if he was allowed to wear the body armor to school. Another person in the group questioned his motives for wanting to wear the accessory to school. Cruz, who has already been expelled from Stoneman at the time, simply replied saying "school shooters."

His intentions of violence became even more thinly veiled. He plainly admitted that he was going to take lives.

"I think I am going to kill people," Cruz wrote.

A member of the chat told him not to say things like that, and Cruz backtracked and claimed he was joking.

He also shared messages about killing small animals.


Despite their shared bigotry, members of the group apparently knew something was not right about Cruz's mental stability.

"He seemed nice, but also had some mental issues," one group member said. "All [I know] is that he likes guns and really hates liberals."