Netflix 'Dope' Star Sentenced to 3-20 Years on Drug Charges

A Michigan man featured on the Netflix series Dope has been sentenced to three to 20 years behind bars on drug trafficking charges.

According to local station WXYZ Detroit, Ryan James Zettell, 21, who reportedly goes by the street name "Ozone," was taken into custody by the Oakland County Narcotic Enforcement Team (NET) in early February following a months-long investigation that began in July of 2018.

The investigation was prompted by an anonymous tip, which identified Zettell as a prominent drug trafficker in the Troy, Michigan area. After conducting undercover buys, including the arrangement of several purchases of cocaine and MDMA, or "Molly," as well as surveillance of Zettell, a search warrant was obtained.

During his arrest, authorities found a backpack with digital scales, 62 acid tablets, 29 grams of Molly, a gram of cocaine, and a laptop. Additionally, a Kimber .45 weapon, one gram of cocaine, and $7,195 in U.S. currency were found from another search warrant location.

Zettell was booked on multiple charges, including three counts of Controlled Substance - Delivery/Manufacture (Cocaine, Heroin, or another narcotic) less than 50 grams, two counts of Controlled Substance - Delivery/Manufacture (Ecstasy/MDMA), and one count of Controlled Substance - Delivery/Manufacture (Cocaine, Heroin, or another narcotic) less than 25 grams.

He has since pleaded guilty to all charges and now faces a sentence of three to 20 years in prison.

Zettell had appeared on the Season 2, Episode 3 series of Dope, which documents the war on drugs from the perspective of dealers, users, and the police.

During his episode, Zettell had briefly mentioned that he hoped to go into criminal justice at some point in his life.

This is not the first time that a person featured on a Netflix documentary has found themselves behind bars. In May of this year, Megan "Monster" Hawkins, who featured prominently on the series Jailbirds, was arrested after she allegedly attempted to use another person's identification to open a bank account.

According to reports, a bank employee had recognized Hawkins and called the authorities, and she was soon taken into custody by the Elk Grove Police Department.

"She has some pretty identifiable tattoos so they recognized her automatically," officer Jason Jimenez of the Elk Grove Police Department said.


Hawkins was arrested for multiple charges including possession of a stolen vehicle, unlawful use of personal identifying information and violation probation. She was taken to Sacramento Main Jail — the site where the Netflix series was filmed.

Both Dope and Jailbirds are currently available for streaming on Netflix.