Governor Gavin Newsom Blasted for List of Activities 'Allowing' Citizens to Enjoy Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is getting blasted on social media, after the state's government issued a list of activities that it is "allowing" citizens to enjoy amid the coronavirus lockdown. The comments come after SF Gate published the list online, which include a long list of activities for residents to "see sunsets" and "enjoy activities outdoors" like, athletics, biking, canoeing, golfing in singles, hiking, horseback riding, jogging, running, meditation, outdoor photography, rowing, skateboarding, trail running, etc.

In response to the activities, one frustrated resident wrote, "[Laughing out loud], meditation is approved on the list [Gov. Newsom] put out. Oh, thank you for not policing my brain activities. That's so lenient of you," per the Daily Mail.

"Oh my, I'm SO GRATEFUL that my Lord and Master [Gov. Newsom] has graced us with a list of outdoor activities that we are ALLOWED to do! Huzzah! Let us peasants bow on bended knee & vow to be worthy of his merciful thoughtfulness!!" someone else exclaimed. Meanwhile, another resident added: "SFGate article lists activities that are "allowed" by [Newsom]. If this isn't tyranny-I don't know what is. Californians are "allowed" to garden and jog? This is some scary stuff."

Californian Republican Party vice chairwoman, Harmeet Dhillon spoke out against Newsom's lockdown guidelines during a conversation with Fox News host Laura Ingraham. "The goalposts keep moving with this governor. At the beginning of this crisis, many of us were complimentary of his willingness to work with our president but in the last couple of weeks, he's really gone in the opposite direction," Dhillon said. "I think with the legislators not in session, nobody is asking him any questions."


"I feel like I'm back in grade school and the State of California or Orange County or whatever target of the day is being sent to the principal's office." she added. "There's no due process, there's nobody to appeal to and there is no connection between your behavior and the punishment that you're experiencing."

Newsom has been candid in his discussions about hot spot areas in the state, previously saying, "Orange County has been on our list of health concern and they've done a wonderful job down there, I just think we can tighten that up a little bit. So we're going to have a temporary pause down there. Everyone saw those images and we're all concerned about that. ... That's what ultimately led to this decision." As of Friday, Orange County had 2,393 confirmed coronavirus cases, with 45 fatalities.