Dozens Chased out of Tennessee Walmart as Active Shooter Situation Unfolds

Dozens of people were rushed of a Walmart in Tennessee on Wednesday following an active shooter situation, according to multiple reports. Amanda Hara of WVLT News was told that between 20 and 30 Walmart customers in Sevierville, Tennessee were safe harboring inside the Chick-fil-A store which is next door. Cody Cummings, the manager of Chick-fil-A, said two men at Walmart got into a fight, which resulted in one of the men pulling out a gun.

Cummings also said one of his employees was inside the Walmart when the customers were alerted over the loudspeaker that a man with a gun was moving inside the store. A SWAT team was set up in the area searching for the gunman. According to the Seviere County Sheriff's Office, two suspects are in custody and there is no ongoing danger.

"We have some of the shoppers who came over from Walmart, and they heard 'gun' and they ran immediately here. We're trying to keep everybody away from the windows and doors as much as we can," David Simms said who is another manager of Chick-fil-A via WATE TV. "We're letting everyone call their loved ones and getting them a drink of water or something to eat and making sure everyone feels comfortable." One of the witnesses said she was in the parking lot when she heard gunshots.


"My friend since we were 10 years old was still in there, luckily a guy pushed her out a side door. But she's extremely shaken up right now," Tracey Houston said. "There's every cop in Sevierville there right now working this." A spokesman for Sevierville Police said no injured people have been reported at this time.