Deodorant Recall Issued Due to Presence of Carcinogen

Brut and Sure deodorant brands were recalled due to the possible presence of benzene, a flammable chemical. The chemical is not an ingredient in the products affected by the recall, but instead, it comes from the propellant used to spray the deodorant from the can. Helen of Troy Limited distributed the products affected by the recall before June 7, 2021, but the products have an expiration date on or before August 2023.

The four Brut products covered by the recall are Classic Antiperspirant Aerosol, 4oz (UPC number 00827755070085); Classic Antiperspirant Aerosol, 6oz (00827755070108); Classic Deodorant Aerosol, 154g (00827755070177); and Classic Deodorant Aerosol, 10oz (00827755070047). The two Sure products are Regular Antiperspirant Aerosol, 6oz (00883484002025); and Unscented Antiperspirant Aerosol, 6oz (00883484002278). All of the products are packaged in aerosol cans, and they were distributed nationally across the U.S. Brut Aerosol Deodorant, 154g was distributed in Canada. Consumers should stop using the recalled products immediately and dispose of them.

Retailers were already notified about the recall and are returning the products. Distributors and retailers were asked to stop selling the products immediately. There have been no reports of injuries linked to the recall, which was voluntarily issued out of an abundance of caution.

"Benzene is classified as a human carcinogen," reads the press release on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's website. "Exposure to benzene can occur by inhalation, orally, and through the skin, and it can result in cancers including leukemia and blood cancer of the bone marrow and blood disorders which can be life-threatening. Benzene is prevalent in the environment. Humans around the world have daily exposures to it indoors and outdoors from multiple sources."

Consumers with questions about the recall can contact TCP HOT Acquisition LLC at 1-866-615-0976. The company also set up a website,, which consumers can use to request a refund. Consumers can also report any reactions to the FDA's MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program online at, mail in or fax a form, or call 800-332-1088.

This is the latest recall involving benzene. In December 2021, Procter & Gamble recalled 32 dry shampoo and conditioner products because of a benzene concern. The recall included Pantene, Old Spice, Herbal Essences, and other popular brands. You can find more details about that recall on Procter & Gamble's website.