American Girl Introduces Historical Dolls From 1999

American Girl doll fans have some new friends to look forward to. The iconic doll brand has debuted twins, Nicki and Isabel, from the 90s. The dolls come equipped with Pizza Hut accessories, another nod tot he popular era, which also comes with the personal pizza and the BOOK IT membership, which are all available for purchase. Like the other dolls before them, they come with an interesting story. Originally from, Seattle (grunge music's orirgin), per a site description, Isabel "loves dancing, pop music, glitter, and all things pink. She prefers pink and preppy fashions, even when they make her stand out from the crowd, and she keeps her favorite accessories close at hand." Her twin, Nicki, "loves alternative rock music, skateboarding, and making zines, which are like homemade magazines." 

And if Pizza Hut accessories aren't enough, they the twins also come with inflatable chairs, burned CD mixes, a desk computer with a wireless phone, and other gems. It's the first time the line has paid tribute to the 90s decade. And the twins are dressed right out of a scene from Clueless…as if.

The twins are the latest addition to American Girl's "historical characters." Some of the most popular include Addie Walker, who was born post the Civil War era in the late 1860s – Claudie, the scooter-riding Black girl living in Harlem during the Harlem Renaissance era, and Pac-Man playing Courtney from 1986.

The first dolls were released in 1986. They represent tweens and young teens from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and socioeconomic statuses. 

In addition to the dolls and accessories offered, there have been a series of straight to video films made via Julia Roberts' Red Om productions. A theatrical release was also made, in addition to an HBO film.