Alabama's Mekhi Brown Goes After Coach With Helmet

Mekhi Brown gets taken out following an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and gets chippy on the [...]

Alabama player Mekhi Brown was taken out of the College Football Championship Game for an unsportsmanlike penalty after he used his helmet to go after an assistant coach. He had to be restrained by his teammates and other coaches.

First, Brown punched a Georgia player and was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. Once on the Alabama sideline, Alabama head coach Nick Saban yelled at Brown. On the sideline, Brown got in a dispute with those on his own team.

Keith Holcome then stepped in to stop things from getting further out of hand.

After three quarters, Alabama is down 20-10 to Georgia in the national championship game.

Viewers at home are sure that Brown will not be with the team next year. The linebacker is a sophomore.