McKayla Maroney, Olympic Gold Medalist, Rushed to ER for 'Severe Pain'

McKayla Maroney recently shared a health update after dealing with "severe pain" in her stomach this week. The former gymnast was rushed to the emergency room, and she revealed that doctors discovered she has kidney stones. Maroney went to her Instagram story to let her followers know her situation.

"Tuesday I was throwing up all day, with severe pain in my back and stomach," Maroney wrote atop the photo on her Instagram story, as reported by PEOPLE. "Had to come to ER at 3am because pain kept getting worse, and I couldn't stop throwing up. Just got my CT scan back. I have a few kidney stones." 12 hours after announcing her diagnosis. Maroney gave another update on her condition.

"Home from ER," she wrote, as reported by The Daily Mail. "They treated me wonderful, but unfortunately nothing has changed, just on pain management. This smoothie is literally the only thing I can even think of stomaching." According to the John Hopkins School of Medicine, most kidney stones on the interior surface of the kidney can result in excruciating pain. However, kidney stones are relatively common and are resolved in a matter of days and weeks.

Maroney, 25, was a member of the 2012 Olympic team and was part of the "Fierce Five" that included Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross and Jordyn Webber. She won a gold medal for team and a sliver for the vault event. Maroney also won three gold medals at the 2011 World Championships in Tokyo. In 2017, Maroney revealed she was sexually abused by former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar and recently called out the organization for not being held more accountable.

"[USA Gymnastics] and [Team USA] (the USOC) have still taken zero responsibility for what happened with Larry Nassar," Maroney wrote on Twitter earlier this month. I was minor and molested twice a day under their care, in Texas, Tokyo, London, and Belgium while winning THEM Gold medals! I'M SO TIRED OF TALK. Give these women justice."


Shortly after that tweet, Maroney wrote: "I really shouldn't have to keep bringing up this dark part of my life, & making it so public, just to help push these organizations to bring justice to the hundreds of women they let down. I want to heal from this, but change can't happen without accountability."