'Survivor': Goliaths Lose First Castaway After Tense Tribal Council

Survivor: David vs. Goliath is heating up, sending home Jeremy Collins after the Goliaths' first tribal council.

In Wednesday's episode of the CBS reality series, the David tribe was still reeling from the blindside of Jessica Peet last week, when Lyrsa Torres, alongside Gabby Pascuzzi and Elizabeth Olson, helped take out the dominant social player in the season's first elimination.

It was Gabby that ended up taking most of the heat for the blindside, despite her simply being an early joiner operating out of paranoia about her own position in the tribe and the real movers behind the strategy being Mason-Dixon alliance members Christian Hubicki and Nick Wilson.

Gabby was looking like she could be in danger until the David tribe pulled out their first immunity challenge win following a dreadful performance by the Goliath team — the low point of which was Natalie Cole's attempt to solve the final puzzle.

"I feel bad about the loss, particularly because it happened on my piece of the challenge ... but all I can do is play it out at this point," she told the cameras following the win.

The alpha CEO had already found herself with a target on this season due to her unwillingness to see her bossy social strategy wasn't winning her any friends, despite the intervention of several players looking to give her a reality check. So when the Goliaths found themselves facing a vote, Natalie was immediately in danger.

"Natalie was the reason why we lost this puzzle," Natalie Azoqa told the camera. "I don't know what she does in her everyday life bossing people around, but she needs to continue doing that because this isn't the place for her. So for tonight's vote, if I had it my way, I'd be writing a smiley face next to Natalie's name."

Her strategy of confronting people about their perceived dislike of her did not help.

"In the past, I tried to step in and kind of be a mediator, but Natalie has poor self-awareness and poor communication skills," Jeremy said.

Alison Raybould added, "Natalie has been digging her own grave since day one, and one can argue that by stepping up for the puzzle and falling short, that she just put the final nail in her coffin."

Others tried to argue for keeping "harmless" Natalie on board, taking out Jeremy due to his ability to dominate the physical and social parts of the game.

The two ended up going at one another when Natalie tried to hold a private meeting without Jeremy that he, correctly, assumed might be about switching votes over to him.

Jeremy asked how Natalie might have made it 57 years without learning how to talk to people, calling her out for being dismissive, while she said his negative attitude towards her was the issue.

In the end, however, one voted to send home Natalie and six voted to send home Jeremy.


Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo Credit: CBS