Patricia Velasquez on New Movie 'No Address': 'You're Going to Love the Ride' (Exclusive)

Patricia Velasquez is known for her work in the two blockbuster films The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, and now the 52-year-old actress has joined an all-star cast for a new movie called No Address, which takes a closer look at homelessness in America. spoke exclusively to Velasquez about why fans will enjoy No Address when it is released. 

"This is a wonderful movie that deals with homelessness, but it's really being said through a really hopeful story," Velasquez exclusively told PopCulture. "I really do hope that when people watch this film, they're going to love it because it's filled with stars, but it's also filled with an incredible story about different characters, based on real stories, based on real characters that are dealing with homelessness right now. So the idea is that when you watch the film, you're going to be inspired, but you're going to love the ride."

(Photo: Infuze Marketing)

Along with Velasquez, No Address also stars William Baldwin, Xander Berkeley, Ashanti, Beverly D'Angelo, Ty Pennington, Lucas Jade Zumann, Kristanna Loken and Isabella Ferreira. In the film, Velasquez plays Gabrielia who is "a woman who dedicates her life on the fight for homeless," she explained. "She's a very spiritual person and she really does believe that through the power of working in the community, she's going to be able to make a difference and that's all that most of what I do in the film. She's the one person that a homeless person can come to and know that they're going to get the help that they deserve."

That is one of the reasons why Velasquez wanted to work on the movie that is produced by Robert Craig Films, but she also wanted to work with director Julia Verdin again. "I did her last movie about human trafficking. It's a wonderful story about a mother and a daughter here in Los Angeles, and my daughter gets lost to human trafficking," Velasquez said.

"So Julia had already told me about this project. So when she called a few weeks ago to invite me to be a part of the movie, I mean, there's no way you would say no to this movie and this project. First of all, the script is wonderful. Julia is wonderful, and most importantly, it's dealing with an issue that we are dealing every day in the United States." No Address was filmed in Sacramento and is slated to be released in theatres this winter.