Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson Are 'Legends' in First Look at 'Men in Black' Reboot

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are suited up for their upcoming Men in Black spin-off, in new sneak peeks from the set posted by Hemsworth himself.

The duo appeared together in a number of posts on Hemsworth's Instagram on Thursday. They have reportedly been filming since July, though fans have heard very little about the highly-anticipated project. Hemsworth posted a black and white photo of the Thor: Ragnarok co-stars giving deadly serious looks, both wearing the simple suits associated with their secret government organization. He added a number of hashtags to the post, cryptically hinting at what the movie's title could be.

(Photo: Instagram / Chris Hemsworth)

"#MIB," "#PIB," "#HIB," "#MWIB" and "#legendsinblack" were some of Hemsworth's tags. Most fans speculated that these could mean "Men In Black," "People in Black," "Humans in Black" or "Men and Women in Black," with the last one being pretty self-explanatory. Of course, "HIB," could also refer to "Heroes in Black," which would make sense considering Hemsworth and Thompson's previous work together. He also tagged the post "#revengers4life," nodding to the Marvel comics team that Ragnarok was loosely based on.

Another post showed Hemsworth spinning wildly on the set, again with a mock-serious expression on his face, which quickly turned into a wide grin. He wore a full suit this time, jacket included, and he seemed to have some bruises -- either real or for the film -- on his face.

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I do all my own stunts

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"I do all my own stunts," he captioned the clip.

He posted one more video from the set on his Instagram Story, showing himself and Thompson sitting idly, apparently waiting between shots. They were between a massive green screen and a dolly track, revealing little of what will actually wind up in the movie. Hemsworth hummed a slow tune and giggled with his co-star, making faces at his camera. He tagged Thompson in this post as well, along with a singular "MIB" hashtag.

"Yeah, so I'm gonna need Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson to be the leads of every movie going forward," tweeted on person who re-posted the video on Twitter. "Thanks in advance."


Despite these exciting glimpses, little is still known about the upcoming Men in Black film -- including whether it technically qualifies as a spin-off, a reboot or a sequel. While the title remains a mystery, we know that the film will be directed by F. Gary Gray, with a script by Matt Holloway. The movie is scheduled for release on June 14, 2019.