Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Get Some Brand Advice From 'Shark Tank' Star Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is putting in his expert opinion on what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should do regarding their brand since they will soon no longer be considered senior level Royal Family members. Since they backed down from the position, the public has caught quick glimpses of the two seemingly enjoying their new life in Canada. Harry picked up his own sandwiches for what appears to be the first time, Markle picked up her friends from the airport and is back to grocery shopping and driving herself places instead of being driven. But, now that they'll no longer be on the Royal Family dime, Cuban is making a few suggestions on how they can set themselves up financially so that they don't have to worry about their income.

"First of all, speeches," the businessman told PEOPLE Now. "If the Obamas get $500,000 or a million dollars a speech, they're gonna get at least $150 to $250 thousand to speak and they get to go out there and network. So that's number one."

"Number two, you go to Netflix then play them off against Amazon Prime and play them off against Apple TV and play them off against Hulu, [then you start a] bidding war then you get a production deal for movies and tv shows. And then from there, you raise your kids," he continued.

He believes that starting that way will allow the former royals to set up their life, however they would like and make it easier in a sense for them to raise their son, Archie.

"Because doing it that way, you get to set your own schedule and as normal as they can be and wherever they wanna live and however they wanna live, they'll have that option without having to figure out what they're gonna do with the royal family," the Shark Tank judge concluded.


It seems as though the sweet family is enjoying life more than ever right now with their newfound freedom. Harry was even caught picking up his own sandwhiches and with a big smile on his face too! The two haven't stepped down officially yet but are set to this spring. Fans aren't quite sure yet what they'll do with their brand since it's being reported that the Queen has "banned" them from using "Sussex Royal" after they step down, and since their website reads that, those answers are still undetermined.

Photo credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images