Madonna Reveals She Tested Positive for Coronavirus Antibodies So Plans to Breathe 'COVID-19 Air'

Madonna revealed in a bizarre video posted Thursday that she has tested positive for novel coronavirus antibodies. The singer, 61, shared the news on Instagram in a noir-themed clip that she titled "Quarantine Diaries No. 14." In it, she worried fans who wondered if she assumed she'd be immune to the coronavirus now, despite a lack of evidence confirming that a person who has recovered from COVID-19 is immune to it.

"I took a test the other day, and I found out that I have the antibodies," Madonna said in the video, in which she writes out her thoughts on a typewriter. She added that she plans to spend some time out of her house in light of the test results. "So tomorrow I'm just going to go for a long drive in the car, I'm going to roll down the window and I'm going to breathe in the COVID-19 air. Yup. I hope the sun is shining," she said. After going over some other musings, she concluded: "Here's the good news: tomorrow's another day and I'm going to wake up and I'm going to feel differently."

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While the "Material Girl" might be confident in her ability to go outside now that she has tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, which would indicate that she was exposed to the virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns against that kind of thinking, and says that just because someone tests positive for COVID-19 antibodies, it does not necessarily make them immune to the virus.

"A positive test results shows you have antibodies that likely resulted from an infection with SARS-CoV-2, or possibly a related coronavirus," the CDC says on its website. "It's unclear if those antibodies can provide protection (immunity) against getting infected again. This mean we do not know at this time if antibodies make you immune to the virus."

It's not the first time Madonna has left a strange message about the coronavirus. Last month, she faced backlash on social media for referring to the coronavirus pandemic as "the great equalizer." In the clip, she discussed her thoughts on the crisis as she sat in a milky bath sprinkled with rose petals and surrounded by candles, solemn piano music playing in the background. The post was immediately slammed as being "privileged" and "out of touch" by many social media users.


"That's the thing about COVID-19, it doesn't care about how rich you are or how famous you are, how funny you are, how smart you are, where you live, how old you are, what amazing stories you can tell," Madonna said in the clip. "It's the great equalizer, and what's terrible about it is what's great about it. What's terrible about it is it's made us all equal in many ways – and what's wonderful about it is it's made us all equal in many ways."

"Like I used to say at the end of 'Human Nature' every night, we are all in the same boat," she said. "And if the ship goes down, we're all going down together." She had captioned the post, "No discrimination — Covid-19!" She ended up deleting the clip following the criticism that it sparked.