Exclusive: Brett Eldredge Brings His New Album to Life Throughout Nashville

Country superstar Brett Eldredge just released his self-titled album last Friday and the singer is riding high, as the record has already landed at No. 1 on the iTunes all-genre chart.

To celebrate the release of the eponymous third album, Eldredge has committed to something really special.

"I always want to try do something new, with anything I do. I want to try to do something that's different, that maybe you haven't seen before," he teases in the video above.

That something we "haven't seen before" came in the form of a unique partnership.

The "Somethin' I'm Good At" singer came together with Jim Bachor, a graphic and mosaic artist who's known for filling potholes with mosaic art. The project breathed special life into the album throughout the heart of Nashville.

"I certainly haven't seen potholes filled with mosaic art ever and that's something that sticks around for many years," Eldredge said.

(Photo: Brett Eldredge)

The musician is certainly known for going above and beyond when it comes to sharing both his music and himself in unique ways with his fans.

During promotion for a previous record, Eldredge "flower bombed" strangers to spread kindness — and he has a similar goal in mind this time around.

(Photo: Brett Eldredge)

"This also promotes happiness and art always puts a smile on my face, so just something unique and different and catches people's eye when they walk down the street," Eldredge said.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @bretteldredge / getty / Rick-Diamond