Michael Moore Questions President Trump's Past Comments About Daughter Ivanka: 'I'm Not Making a Joke out of It'

Michael Moore made a bold claim about President Donald Trump's relationship with daughter Ivanka [...]

Michael Moore made a bold claim about President Donald Trump's relationship with daughter Ivanka as he continues to promote his new film Fahrenheit: 11/9.

At the premiere of the film at the Toronto Film Festival this week, Moore talked about the documentary, particularly the part that looks at the comments Trump has made about his daughter Ivanka, which has raised more than a few eyebrows.

"Do you know more than we know or are you just seeing what we see?" Entertainment Tonight Canada asked the filmmaker.

"I'm seeing what I see," Moore responded. "Although I'm not making a joke out of it. I don't think child abuse is a joke."

Moore adds boldly, "Ivanka may have been a victim here."

"Let me put it this way: If I were a teacher in a public school, and a 13-year-old student of mine, a girl, came to me and said, 'My dad, every time he describes me he says I'm voluptuous, and he tells people if I wasn't his daughter he'd be dating me.'

"When someone asked him what he most had in common with Ivanka and he said, 'sex' if a 13-year-old student in the United States — and I'm pretty sure you have the same laws in Canada — came and told you that as a teacher, or showed you a picture of her on his lap where's having to kiss him, as a minor, you are required by law to turn that over to Child Protective Services, to law enforcement," Moore elaborated.

He continued to argue his point, adding that "if you as a teacher don't do that, you could be arrested. That's how strict we've made the laws to protect our children. Why was he given a pass? Because he did it [in full view]. He did it on TV, he did it on Howard Stern, allowed magazines to take pictures of her on his lap and kissing and all this. And the handsy thing, that's always too low on the hips and always too high on the chest — as a child. As a child."

As far as the moment Trump responds to his latest documentary, and the allegations, Moore said he hopes he does.

"I hope he has a resend because I think it's one piece of what makes him a truly evil person," Moore told the outlet.

"What dad do you know that describes his minor child as 'voluptuous'? Or if she wasn't his daughter he'd be doing her. Who talks like that?" Moore added.

According to Reuters, Fahrenheit: 11/9 looks at what Moore believes to have been the forces that led to Trump's election in 2016. The film also compares Trump's rise to Hitler's back in 1930s Germany.

"We explore the question of how the hell we got in this mess and how do we get out of it," Moore told reporters ahead of the film's premiere at the festival.

The film will premiere in movie theaters in the United States on Sept. 21.