Man Spends $1,600 on Uber Ride After Night of Partying

One New Jersey man's drunken night of partying wound up costing him a hefty Uber fee.

According to ABC 7, Kenny Bachman was out drinking with friends on Friday in Morgantown, West Virginia and ordered an Uber to take him back to his friends house. However in his drunken stupor he ordered the Uber driver to take him home– except his home happened to be in New Jersey, over 300 miles away.

Bachman fell asleep during the ride and didn't realize his mistake until hours later. The tab for the ride came out to a whopping $1,635.93.

Bachman later explained the situation to a CBS affiliate in Philadelphia.

"I was just like, that's crazy. Why did you agree to take me to New Jersey from West Virginia?" Bachman said.

"We went to a frat party and then went to the bar. I was getting drinks all night; I probably spent like $200 at the bar after already drinking all day. Basically, I kinda just blacked out. The last thing I remember was being at the bar and then I just woke up in the Uber next to an older dude telling me I was an hour out from Jersey."

Due to Uber's policies, Bachman had no choice but to pay the fee. He has, however, opened up a GoFundMe account to ask if people on social media are willing to help him earn back the hefty cost.

"Blacked out in an Uber and woke up to a $1,600 dent in my pocket," Bachman wrote in the petition, setting the goal at exactly $1635. But as of Thursday night, there haven't been any donations.

The ride-sharing service has found itself in the headlines a number of times in recent months, but most of them haven't been for good reasons.

It was revealed in the days following the Parkland Shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Feb. 14 that shooter Nikolas Cruz used an Uber to transport him to the high school, where he proceeded to kill 14 students and three teachers.


The unnamed driver broke her silence on what that ride was like on Wednesday.

"I saw him with a backpack which I thought was a guitar case," the unidentified driver told reporters, according to the Miami Herald. "He told me 'I am going to my music class.'" I saw the news and I thought, 'Oh, I just left someone over there.' But I never knew it was the guy in my car."