'Annabelle Comes Home': Man Dies While Watching 'Conjuring' Spinoff in Theater

A man in Thailand was found dead in a theater while watching the latest Conjuring movie, adding [...]

A man in Thailand was found dead in a theater while watching the latest Conjuring movie, adding real-life horror to an already terrifying movie experience. According to a report by Express, a British man was found to be dead by the person seated next to him, though she did not notice until the movie was over. Even more eerily, this is not the first time this has happened at a Conjuring film.

So far the man and woman in the case have not been identified by name in the press. The U.K. resident had purchased a single ticket to the movie and appears to have been there alone. He was visiting Pattaya, Thailand, for vacation and may have been alone in the country altogether. He was 77 years old.

The woman who discovered him was said to be "shaken." When the lights went up at the end of the movie and he did not rise from his seat, she cried out for help, and emergency services were called. The British man was pronounced dead on the scene, and an ambulance took his remains away.

"They were in the cinema where the man died, and they were very upset," witness Monthira Phengrat told reporters. "They were shocked by what had happened. Some people had been sitting near the dead man."

Local police said that there was no suspicion of foul play, but the man's specific cause of death has not been reported. His name and picture were released, but his family has not yet been notified, and therefore cannot consent to any press coverage.

"Police were notified of the death at 8 p.m. inside the cinema in a shopping mall," Lieutenant Colonel Polpattham Thammachat told the Mail Online. "From the preliminary investigation it was not known how the foreign man had died but doctors will conduct an autopsy to establish the true cause of death. We are not looking for anybody else connected to the death."

The tragic story calls to mind a similar case in 2016, at a screening of The Conjuring 2. At the time, a 65-year-old man had a heart attack at an evening showing of the film in Andrah Pradesh, India. It was later discovered that the victim in that case had a massive stroke, as well. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

These eerie reports have movie-goers all the more weary of Annabelle Comes Home. The movie has a well-earned R-rating in the U.S. and a 15 in the U.K. It is the third movie concerning the possessed doll Annabelle and the seventh movie overall in the Conjuring franchise.