Larry Birkhead Reveals New Photos of Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Dannielynn After She Graduates 7th Grade

06/08/2019 04:42 pm EDT

Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn Birkhead just graduated seventh grade, and her father, Larry Birkhead, shared some new photos of the happy 12-year-old.

On Tuesday, Birkhead shared a trio of photos of Dannielynn wearing a floral print dress and holding up the tickets for a Hamilton show he bought her as a graduation gift.

"Surprised Dannielynn with [Hamilton] tickets for 7th grade graduation. I think she is happy," he wrote, adding the hashtags "graduation" and "Kentucky Center for the Arts."

(Photo: Twitter/Larry Birkhead)

Birkhead's photo earned several congratulatory messages from fans, many of whom praised his parenting skills.

"You are doing an amazing job raising this well adjusted lovely little lady. Well done," one person wrote.

"Hi Larry! That is such a thoughtful gift! Giving an experience as opposed to something to look at or wear are the best gifts of all! Congrats sweet girl! Have an amazing time!!" another wrote.

"It's always wonderful to see the two of you. Not to much exposure, you're thoughtful about that. Your regard for your beautiful daughter is inspiring. Hurray for the new 8th grader," another follower tweeted.

"What a bright, loving and happy young lady you have raised. She is sincerely happy, the eyes don't lie. Congratulations Dannielynn on your 7th grade Graduation," another follower tweeted.

One person asked if they really do seventh grade graduations now. "No, but I do," Birkhead replied, adding a laughing emoji.

The new photo of Dannielynn was the first Birkhead shared with fans since May 12, when he marked Mother's Day by taking Dannielynn and a friend out to a restaurant in St. Matthews, Kentucky.

"Hanging out with Dannielynn and her friend on Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there. Video games and movies," he wrote in the caption, adding the hashtag, "Happy Mother's Day 2019."

Fans also saw Birkhead and Dannielynn at the Kentucky Derby early last month. The father and daughter make annual appearances at the race, but this year was extra special because Dannielynn wore the same pink hat her mother wore at the 2004 derby. Birkhead and Dannielynn have made annual trips to the derby since 2010, as they live in rural Kentucky.

Dannielynn's mother died in February 2007 at age 39. Dannielynn was only 5 months old when Smith died.

"I'm not the best dad – I have my faults – but I do the best I can with what the situation is," Birkhead told the Today Show in 2016 when asked about raising Dannielynn without Smith. "We make the best of it, and I think Dannielynn's best days are still to come."

Aside from a Guess campaign, Dannielynn has enjoyed living life outside the spotlight.

"I think here in Kentucky is as normal as you can get. She loves school. She loves her friends," Birkhead told Inside Edition in 2017. "I just hope that she dreams big and accomplishes a lot."

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