Glenn Jacobs, aka WWE's Kane, Falls Ill, Misses Political Event

06/28/2020 09:38 pm EDT

Former WWE star Kane, whose real name is Glenn Jacobs, had planned on attending an event in Maine to show support for Congressional candidate Eric Brakey. However, the Knoxville mayor was unable to support his fellow politician. He fell ill and pulled out of the Liberty and Lobsters event in Maine.

"Unfortunately, we must postpone tonight's previously scheduled Liberty and Lobsters event that was scheduled for tonight," Brakey's team wrote on Facebook. "Our special guest Mayor Glenn Jacobs has come down with a health issue. While it is not serious, it does make it impossible for him to attend. A new date for the event will be announced in the coming weeks. We'll keep you posted regarding the new date and details. Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you at an event in the future!"

Brakey's team set the fundraising event, Liberty and Lobsters, for Saturday night. This event would have provided supporters with the opportunity to eat lobster, enjoy beverages and spend time with a wrestling legend. Only a limited number of people could attend the event, provided they paid the $100 ticket price.

Jacobs, who became the mayor of Knox County in 2018, enjoyed a long career in professional wrestling prior to entering the world of politics. He first made his WWF/WWE debut in 1995 under the name Mike Unabomb. He later appeared as Jerry Lawler's "dentist" with the intention of defeating Bret Hart.

Jacobs continued to race under multiple names during his first three years with the promotion but adopted the name of Kane in 1997. His backstory at the time was that he was the Undertaker's half brother. This led to a feud with the recently-retired wrestler. Although they later formed a tag team known as the Brothers of Destruction.

The future mayor ultimately spent 29 years in professional wrestling while enjoying several title reigns. He is not currently a WWE Hall of Famer, but the fans believe this is inevitable. They cite his wins, longstanding rivalries and ability to headline matches as major reasons.

Jacobs became more involved in politics throughout the later stages of his wrestling career. He supported Texas Congressman Ron Paul for president in 2008 and spoke at the 2009 New Hampshire Liberty Forum. In 2016, Jacobs revealed that he would potentially run as the Knox County mayoral seat but did not confirm this decision until the 2016 presidential election ended. He went on to win the Republican primary election before defeating Democratic opponent Linda Haney.

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