Arrested Development "Will Have a Further Life" After Season Four

Official Netflix ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT poster

In the run-up to this weekend's long-awaited resurrection of cult-favorite sitcom Arrested Development, series executive producer Ron Grazer told Rolling Stone that whether it's in the form of a movie or another season on Netflix, the show will continue and that the fifteen episodes set to go live this weekend will not be the last fans see of the Bluth family.

Praising the efforts of Netflix's Ted Sarandos, Grazer (who also produces 24, which is similarly making a limited return on Fox next year) said that the movie is the first choice--since series creator Mitch Hurwitz is halfway through writing it already--but that anything could happen, depending on the demand of the fans and response to the new season.

"We want to make a movie," Grazer told the magazine. "I  mean, we'll talk to Ted Sarandos and see what he wants to do, because we're all very dedicated to being with him if he wants to do further episodes. You never know. He might want to do a movie with Fox, so we'll see how it goes. But I think a movie would be a very natural flow to it. . . I suppose another season on Netflix is also possible. I think Mitch would be very excited about that, but he's also written half a movie script. So whatever way, Arrested will have a further life. A longer life."