Community May Still Get a Fifth Season


NBC's Community may have aired its final episode last night--and no matter what, it will have aired its final episode with series star Chevy Chase, who quit last year--but a report at Deadline suggests that the series, which just wrapped its fourth season, might not be dead just yet.

"NBC and Community producer Sony TV are currently going through" complicated negotiations," the site reports. "The talks include five projects — Community, which looks hopefulfor another, possibly shorter and possibly final, cycle, white-hot drama pilot Blacklist, comedy pilot Welcome To The Family, both of which look very good for a pickup, medical drama pilot Night Shift and comedy pilot Brenda Forever."

Last year, NBC fired showrunner Dan Harmon and then almost immediately announced that there would be a fourth season with new executive producers at the helm. This season, ratings haven't been any better than they were in season three, leading many to speculate that the experiment had failed and the show could be cancelled...but Deadline and others are suggesting that the ratings-challenged NBC could still bring Community back for a shortened, final season as they did with Chuck and 30 Rock.