Iron Man's Cinema Sins In Four Minutes Or Less

TErrence Howard as Rhodey

In the numerous times the Cinema Sins folks have taken a look at comic book movies, this is the first time that one of them has had me laugh out loud.

"With Iron Man 3 due out soon, we thought we'd point our Sin Counter at the much-loved first film in that franchise, the original Iron Man," explained the folks behind the popular parody videos. And they do a pretty great job at it.

"You really think just because you have an idea that it belongs to you?" Obadiah Stane asks Tony Stark during a key moment in the box office blockbuster, to which the narrator responds, "This is what Stan Lee must have told Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko back in the day." There's something great about that joke--even if you're not someone who vilifies Stan for the way things happened at Marvel, the unexpected acknowledgment of comics inside baseball in a made-for-mass-consumption Internet parody video feels just out of place enough to be funnier.

Extra bonus joke? When Rhodey (here played by Terrence Howard) looks at the War Machine armor and says, "Next time baby," with the narrator countering, "Yeahhh...not for you."

Check it out below!