PC EXCLUSIVE: Former WWE Superstar John Hennigan Talks Roman Reigns, the State of WWE, and His Future

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion, John Hennigan (aka John Morrison and Johnny Mundo) recently paid our Pop Culture studio a visit. He joined host Chris Killian to promote his role in the upcoming web series Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe. However, it didn't take long for the conversation to steer back to wrestling.

Last year, a quote from Hennigan made the wrestling community collectively raise their eyebrows. He was asked if he'd like to ever wrestle Roman Reigns, to which he said: "Maybe in 10 years when he knows how to work."


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Our host Chris Killian followed up on that hot button issue and asked Hennigan if Reigns still needs nine years of incubation:

"Are you bringing up the Roman Reigns thing? all the heat that I got. He's actually learned quite about wrestling, give him another four years and probably know how to work," he said with a laugh.

"No joke, he's come a really long way. He is the guy, they market him as that, WWE. He's getting a legit crowd reaction, whether it be positive or negative every time he goes out there and really that's what pro wrestling is all about. "

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Hennigan had an impressive run in WWE winning nine different championships. A name like his would be warmly welcomed back to the company. The time is right, too. In his absence, WWE shifted to favoring more agile wrestlers like himself giving guys like Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins the top spot in the company. With that in mind, is WWE a more attractive landing spot for Hennigan?

"Absolutely. The coolest thing about returning to WWE now for me is the number of matchups I could have with guys I've never wrestled."

Hennigan has been an integral part of Lucha Underground since 2014, but later this week he'll be making his first appearances for the newly rebranded GFW. Hennigan hasn't worked with the company since 2011, so why now?


"A: I feel like I could bring a lot to any promotion that I went to right now, B: The stuff I've been talking to Jeff (Jarrett) and the guys at GFW about is exciting to me because of the prospect of all those new matches. And also the prospect of not being locked down."

Hennigan is currently 5 Star wrestling Champion, AAA's Mega Champion, Latin American Champion and World Cruiserweight Champion. He is also heavily featured on Lucha Underground which can be watched on Netflix. Hennigan also made a cameo on Netflix's new hit show, GLOW. He's set to make his first appearance in GFW August 4-6.