WWE Has Historic Plans for The New Day

Fans were stunned to see The New Day lose their SmackDown Tag Team Championships this Sunday at SummerSlam. Having just won them in July, why did WWE decide to flip the titles back to The Usos?

Well, WWE has a pretty cool idea.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer WWE had The New Day drop the tag belts just so they could win them again. And again. And again. And again. Per Meltzer, WWE wants The New Day to be regarded as the greatest tag team of all time. Having already eclipsed Demolition for the longest reign there's one more pie in the sky to chase: the record for a number of championships.

Both the Hardyz and Edge and Christian have held the tag belts 7 times, while the Dudley Boyz have 9 turns on top. The New Day currently sit at 3 championship reigns.

There's no set time frame for The New Day to etch their names at the top of tag team wrestling, but expect the New Day to win the belts at every opportunity they get. Their summer-long feud with the Usos has been by far their best action and WWE will likely keep them in a program until there's nothing left to squeeze.

However, this seems to kill any narrative that involves the New Day splitting up one of them getting a solo run. It's hard to believe that THe new Day will stay intact from here until the end of time, however, maybe this is what WWE wants. The company hasn't had a seminal tag team group since the Attitude Era and their overdue to create one. that said there's one thing that tag teams always do - break up.


While it never has to be permanent, the story of betrayal or ambition always plays. So while the New Day may indeed become the greatest tag team ever, we can expect a split, even a short one, at some point.

For now, let's just enjoy this charismatic trio. Their success is well-deserved and we can;t wait to see what happens next. If we had to guess, we'd predict that The New Day and Usos are booked for Hell in a Cell. And if this report is true, then the New Day will be celebrating their 4th tag-team championships.