Braun Strowman's Parody of 'Elf' Is the Only Thing You Really Need for Christmas

The 2003 movie Elf starring Will Ferrell is regarded as one of the best Christmas movies of all time. However, the unofficial sequel with WWE's Braun Strowman as the lead is clearly the superior film.

The Elf Among Men features Braun Strowman re-enacting some of the more memorable scenes from Ferrell's Christmas classic, however, this elf has a twist: he's incredibly violent.

Whether it's Drew Gulak as the pretentious boardroom director, a rude parking lot driver, or a terrifying jack-in-the-box, they all pushed Strowman past his friendly threshold and were subsequently destroyed by Santa's biggest helper.

Do yourself and your family a favor; skip Home Alone, The Polar Express, Die Hard and A Christmas Story this year. It's time to install Braun Strowman as your new Christmas tradition - or he'll come down your chimney and eat you.

Happy Holidays!