Pop Culture Award Show Nominates WWE Stars

Fox's Teen Choice Awards will air live on August 13. The pop culture extravaganza features categories and nominees from the best movies, sports, music, and TV shows have to offer. For WWE, they find themselves well represented in the Male and Female Athletes of the Year category.

John Cena is up against stiff, if not legendary competition. Running against WWE's poster boy is LeBron James, Steph Curry, Christiano Ronaldo and Mike Trout. Hard to know who exactly is the front-runner, but it's impressive company regardless.

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The odds may favor WWE more in the Female Athlete of the Year award as the wrestling conglomerate has not 1 but, 3 nominees. Well, technically 2 as Nikki and Brie Bella count at just 1 candidate and The Boss, Sasha Banks, is WWE's other representative.

The WWE trio may find beating tennis great Serena William a tall task - maybe they can have Russia rig the voting.

Anytime WWE can cross over and join the company of Hollywood and professional sports is a big deal. The company sees itself splitting the difference between the industries as Vince McMahon infamously once stated that he's not in the wrestling business and that he "makes movies."

Speaking of Vince, he recently took his support for his athletes public, tweeting his congratulations.

This serves as a great reminder as to whom wrestling is geared for. With WWE going to a more friendly family show, it allows for their programs to hit a wider audience. So as much as we miss blood, chair shots and bra and panties matches, wrestling is about younger generations. Once they age and develop a more mature palate, there's plenty of ECW on the WWE Network


Congrats to the nominees and here's to hoping they can win. Voting ends today so cast your ballot here. Obviously, vote a straight WWE ticket.

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