WWE: Brie Bella Reveals Adorable Photo of Daughter Birdie at Her First WrestleMania

WrestleMania 35 took place at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on April 7, and Brie Bella's daughter Birdie got in on the action for the very first time, with her proud mom sharing a photo of her daughter at her first WrestleMania on Instagram.

The snap found Birdie utterly engrossed in the event as she watched from backstage on her mom's lap, a container of snacks open on the toddler's lap as she gazed at a screen in front of her.

"Sooooo into her first #Wrestlemania," Bella wrote.

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(Photo: Instagram / @thebriebella)

Birdie was on hand to watch her dad, Daniel Bryan, who competed in a matchup against Kofi Kingston. Bryan ultimately lost the match, but Brie was clearly proud of her husband, sharing a photo of the couple with their daughter after the show featuring Bryan holding Birdie as well as a title belt.

"He’s still our champ.....and the planets," Bella captioned the family snap.

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(Photo: Instagram / @thebriebella)

The event was Brie's first WrestleMania as an officially retired WWE Superstar, with the reality star having recently announced during an episode of Total Bellas that she would be stepping out of the ring for the time being.

“So I decided after Evolution, I’m gonna be fully retired," she told her family. "Fully done and that Bryan and I are looking for a house in Phoenix because we’re moving back.”

Bella's twin sister, Nikki Bella, admitted that she was surprised by her sister's decision and had assumed that they would retire together.

“I’m a bit shocked right now hearing Brie say that she’s going to retire and move to Phoenix," she said. “Like talk about dropping two huge bombs. I guess retirement, I always thought that’d be something Brie and I would talk about together. I just did not expect this big change after such an incredible comeback.”

Ultimately, Nikki decided to retire as well, making the decision after a trip to Europe with the WWE.

“I just feel like I’m too old for that travel,” she told her family over dinner. “So I realized like, why am I doing this — I don’t feel good. I really am ready to hang up the jersey. Like, I can say it fully.”

She further explained how the cross-continental trip had helped her realize that it was time to hang up her boots.

“Being on the European tour, I’ve had a lot of time to think,” she said. “Just how my body feels, being away from my company, how time-consuming this is.”


“It’s making me realize I am ready to fold the jersey and put it away," Nikki added. "I’m ready to put the kicks aside and I’m ready to take Nikki Bella into a different direction.”

Photo Credit: Instagram / @thebriebella