'Grey's Anatomy' Alum Kate Walsh Talks Possible Return in Season 16: 'I'm Sworn to Secrecy' (Exclusive)


'Grey's Anatomy' Alum Kate Walsh Talks Possible Return in Season 16: 'I'm Sworn to Secrecy' (Exclusive)

WWE Rumor: Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman Done With WWE After SummerSlam?

WWE fans are eager to see Brock Lesnar relinquish his chokehold on the Universal Championship. But when that moment comes, it could be Lesnar's final act as a WWE Superstar.

At this moment, it appears that Lesnar's next match will be at SummerSlam. While his opponent is still a mystery, Sports Illustrated reports Lesnar is destined to lose the match. Even more, SI says it could be the last time we see Lesnar in a WWE ring.

"According to sources close to WWE, Lesnar is widely expected to drop the belt, at the latest, by SummerSlam. Because Lesnar’s new contract pays him by the fight, dropping the belt could signal the end of his time in WWE.

If Lesnar is, in fact, finished with WWE following SummerSlam, then Paul Heyman would also be finished with the company as there are no current plans for Heyman outside of his role as Lesnar’s on-screen advocate," wrote Justin Barrasso.

Both Lesnar and Heyman gone by August? Is this possible?

Well, it's no secret that Lesnar has UFC ambitions. However, he still has about six months remaining on a suspected levied due to do some mutated urine. If Lesnar opts into UFC's testing protocol, he'll be eligible to fight by 2019.

I'll guess that this is Lesnar's plan, but by no means does that mean he's done with WWE.

Sports Illustrated has had a few ugly swings and misses in recent months when it comes to prognosticating WWE's movement. I can agree that Lesnar will likely lose at SummerSlam, but it seems a little reckless to say that both he and Heyman will be done with the company. Sure, they may take a hiatus, but their WWE futures likely are not roped together.

For Lesnar specifically, he makes far too much easy money to leave WWE for good. With his limited schedule and brand of matches, Lesnar may have the best schtick in the history of wrestling. Why would he walk away from that?


There's plenty of mileage left in WWE if Heyman wants it. Assigning him to a new Superstar seems logical, but it may be best for him to pick a female wrestler to support. Rumors had Ronda Rousey asking to work with Heyman, but WWE reportedly shot that down. Regardless, WWE is looking to become more female-centric now that they can dangle a WrestleMania blockbuster like Charlotte Flair vs. Rousey in front of us.

For now, consider this to be a fun rumor. WWE looks to be more committed to keeping their cards close this year. Not long ago it seemed impossible for Lesnar to escape April as Universal Champion. Yet, here we are, waiting until August to see the big red belt again.