John Cena Posts Provocative Tweet Amid Nikki Bella Relationship Rumors

John Cena just sent out a racy message in the midst of rumors that he and Nikki Bella are getting back together.

The WWE Superstar sent out the below tweet that implies he is ready to cut down on drama and get into a physical relationship.

"Let’s stop messing around, and start messing around," Cena wrote.

The obvious implication here is that he wants to stop testing the waters of resuming a relationship with Bella and just go for it.

This presumption is made stronger by an E! News report that the two were once again spotted together on Monday afternoon.

The pair, who were previously engaged, were seen eating lunch at Civico 1845, a contemporary Italian restaurant in San Diego. San Diego is where the couple lived together before their breakup.

An onlooker at the restaurant said Cena and Bella "looked very much together" at the restaurant, which the Blockers actor apparently frequents.

The meet-up happened just hours after Cena posted his tweet about "messing around."

This is just the latest of several cryptic tweets sent by Cena in recent days.

The 41-year-old wrestler tweeted about "trying to change someone" and working to improve oneself on Wednesday. Many interpret the message to be about his frayed relationship with the Total Bellas star.

"Never try to change someone," he wrote. "They have every right to live their lives how they want. Instead, look inward and work to be the best you possible."

He also sent another inspirational message of advice on May 20. This one was all about taking a leap and not "talking yourself out of something."

"We tend to have long lists of why we 'shouldn’t' do something," Cena wrote. "I am a fan of logic, but fortune favors the bold It’s easy to talk ourselves out of something. Instead, go give it a try!!"


Cena and Bella have not officially stated they are back together as of press time.

Photo Credit: NBC / Nathan Congleton