WWE Rumor: Who Will Face Seth Rollins at MITB?

With Brock Lesnar on spring break, an Intercontinental Championship match with a scorching Seth Rollins is arguably the biggest stage in WWE right now. He'll defend his title at Money in the Bank, and the names of prospective challengers are already bubbling.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via Rajah) both Baron Corbin and Elias are being tossed around as potential Money in the Banks opponents for Rollins. Per the Observer, both Corbin and Elias have climbed in recent weeks and by June 17, their relevance could have ballooned into the land of the title opportunity.

Both Corbin and Elias make sense for MITB—both men can lose and WWE won't miss a beat. Rollins won't be parting with the Intercontinental Championship for a while—perhaps not until a path to the Universal Championship illuminates. As we all wait for that, expect Rollins to continue his lucrative run as Intercontinenal Champion.

Elias has become one of the better attractions for WWE's midcard in 2018 and between he and Corbin, the Drifter would be the better option. However, thanks to a forgettable rivalry with Bobby Roode, Elias isn't as hot as he was around WrestleMania.

WWE seems eager to keep Corbin relevant. A match with Rollins would be arguably his biggest WWE opportunity yet, even with his de facto loss. Not long ago, rumors had Corbin being one of Vince McMahon's favorite toys, but a failed cash-in and a weird episode with John Cena put the break on his ascension. Now that he's moved to RAW, WWE looks to be slowly building him.

In the end, Corbin and Elias are fine options for Rollins. Both men would get a boost and perhaps hit the next stage of their WWE evolution. While Elias has a better connection with WWE's crowd, Corbin still hold promise. Fans love to hate Corbin, and in the world of professional wrestling, that makes him a bankable commodity.


However, there may be one match WWE has preserved with Rollins: Jason Jordan. The 29-year old is reportedly healthy and will be at RAW next week. Before his injury, he and Rollins seemed destined for a WrestleMania match, and now that he's able, WWE may be ready to pull that trigger. But with so much o that story left to tell, WWE may elect for a Rollins vs. Jordan to happen at SummerSlam rather than a rushed MITB feud.

But all this will prove to be moot if Rollins can't retain next week on RAW when he faces budding supervillain, Jinder Mahal.