AJ Styles' Entrance Music Not Originally Intended for Him?

AJ Styles was immediately accepted by the WWE Universe when he made his debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble. A lot went into that moment, but what helped Styles make his first impression was his head-nodding theme music.

But apparently, it was never meant for him.

On a recent episode of WWE's Table for 3, Brian "Road Dogg' James explained to Jeff Jarrett and Elias that Styles' tunes fell into the WWE Champion's lap via serendipity.

"That was originally written and developed for James Storm," said Road Dogg. "And James passed [on the theme song] and he went a different direction, and AJ stepped in and it just worked out perfectly."

Storm left Impact for a crack at WWE in 2015. He'd debut in NXT but only to return to Impact after a few months. His name has been rumored for another WWE try, but at the moment, it only appears to be speculative.

For Styles, his debut with Storm's music served as an explosive launching point for his WWE career. However, when joined E&C's Pod of Awesomeness, he explained that Vince McMahon wasn't too keen on his abilities.

"I think the reaction was unbelievable, I did not expect that. It was one of those things in WWE history [which] will be forever there because that kind of reaction I didn't expect; I don't think anybody expected that, I definitely don't think Vince [McMahon] expected that. I've heard stories that [Vince] said, 'nobody's going to know who this guy is, and you want him at No. 3?'"

Even further, Vince still wasn't sold after Styles' huge Royal Rumble crowd reaction. After Styles' first match in WWE, Vince was still skeptical of Styles' ability:

"I think Vince thought it was a fluke. I had a match, a typical babyface match and Vince went 'I have tons of guys who can have that match. Where's this freakin' pitbull, this attack dog'. Oh, you want that guy, I can be that guy."

That was all Styles needed to hear as he would start adding more ferocity in his matches. From there, he'd spend the rest of 2016 in WWE's main event, battling the biggest names in the business in John Cena and Roman Reigns.


He's back on top in 2018 as he's held his WWE Championship for over 200 days. However, Shinsuke Nakamura is in the hunt and it looks like they'll have their forth pay-per-view match at the June 17 Money in the Bank show.

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