Legend Says Roman Reigns 'Would Be Fired' in Older Wrestling Days

Given Roman Reigns' propensity to be booed out of buildings, it's fair to say that WWE's attempts at making him a good guy haven't gone according to plan. And to wrestling legend Bobby Fulton, Reigns' ineffectiveness as a hero is a fireable offense.

Fulton is veteran of wrestling's version of the Old Testament having made his mark in classic promotions like NWA, Smokey Mountain Wrestling, and Jim Crockett Promotions and he joined the Pancakes and Powerslam Show to express a hot opinion about the struggles of Roman Reigns.

“I’ma tell you right now. If Roman Reigns was wrestling back in the day, they would have fired him already,” Fulton said. “Because he can’t get the job done if they hired him as a babyface," reasoned Fulton.

Fulton shared an anecdote from his career that he applied to Roman Reigns' limping contributions as a babyface.

"Jerry Lawler told me one time when I was breaking in the business, I was going out to the ring and was wrestling underneath – and underneath means that you’re at the bottom of the rung – and it got to the point where the people knew I was gonna lose when I walked to the ring and I was working in Memphis."

“I said, ‘man, the people are booing me when I walk to the ring!’ [Lawler] said, ‘well, maybe it’s time for you to go. You’re here as a babyface,'" recalled Fulton.

For Reigns, Fulton staunchly believes that the WWE Universe has made up their mind on how to treat The Big Dog.

"He’s not getting it done because he is not able to make that connection with the people. The people just aren’t buying him. But if they’re gonna keep doing what they’re doing, then they need to turn him heel," reason Fulton.


Fans have been clamoring for a heel turn from Reigns for years now, but it looks like Vince McMahon and WWE won't budge from their plans. However, Fulton thinks that Reigns is already doing a heel's work because everyone who steps in the ring with him gets a boost in popularity.

"Whoever he beats he’s gonna make them more popular just like Brock Lesnar. The more Brock Lesnar beat on him and bloodied him was the more the people got behind Brock...Vince is trying to prove a point but he can’t prove it because it just ain’t gonna happen," concluded Fulton.