Current Favorite for Greatest Royal Rumble Revealed

On Friday, April 27, WWE will uncork The Greatest Royal Rumble—a show that already promises to be bigger, if not better than WrestleMania 34. While the card is stacked with tantalizing match-ups it's the 50-man Royal Rumble that is the show's most lucrative contest.

And like any other spectacle in sports, you can bet on it. recently released odds for the gargantuan battle royal. If you don't speak gambling just understand that the positive number assigned to each wrestle is how much money a $100 bet would get you.

Braun Strowman: +450

Daniel Bryan: +450

Bobby Lashley: +600

Samoa Joe: +600

Big Cass: +750

Baron Corbin: +900

Chris Jericho: +900

Elias: +1500

Dean Ambrose: +1500

Finn Balor: +2000

Jinder Mahal: +2000

Randy Orton:+2000

Rey Mysterio: +2000

Sami Zayn: +2500

Rusev: +2500

Kevin Owens: +2500

AJ Styles: +2500

Dolph Ziggler: +2500

Jeff Hardy: +3000

Kane: +3000

Shinsuke Nakamura: +3000

Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas: +3500

Big Show: +3500

Bobby Roode: +3500

Bray Wyatt: +3500

Brock Lesnar: +3500

Roman Reigns: +3500

The Miz: +3500

Batista: +3500

Any Other Wrestler: +5000

Braun Strowmn is the betting favorite is hardly a surprise. Give his ability to toss humans like sacks of garbage, Strowman is a safe pick to win any Royal Rumble, no matter how great.

Daniel Bryan shares the exact odds as the Monster AMong Me, but for very different reasons. Once upon a time, Bryan was the most popular star in WWE. You know the rest, Bryan was forced into a premature (and arguably erroneous) retirement and was kept out of action for three years. Thanks to his relentless diligence, Bryan earned medical clearance and is now on track to resume his role as WWE's darling. WInning a 50-man Royal Rumble would be a nice feather in his comeback's hat.

Other names like Bobby Lashley and Big Cass aren't bad picks, but for the most part, this match is wholly unpredictable.


WWE hasn't assigned stakes to this match, which have already contributed to an overwhelming "meh" feeling, but at minimum, the winner will likely get an obnoxiously large trophy.

We'll see how things shake out, but if you have some spare change, you may as well put it on Strowman and watch him fling a few 205 Live representatives into the crowd.