Did Seth Rollins Just Confirm Dean Ambrose’s WrestleMania Status?

When Dean Ambrose busted his triceps, the 2017 Shield Curse became irrefutable. However, there was a flicker of hope he’d back by WrestleMania. But, it may have just died.

When Ambrose originally went down, early reports had him back just in time for WrestleMania 34. However, WWE issued a prognosis that was so conservative it had to be an exaggeration. There have been positive updates surrounding Ambrose’s comeback, but nothing has to lead to conclusive evidence he’d be at the New Orleans mega show.

As we wait for any sign the Lunatic Fringe can make an early comeback, Seth Rollins just threw water on Ambrose’s WrestleMania involvement. In an interview with MLive, Rollins shared the following:

"Ambrose is the man. He'll be back. It's not about WrestleMania this year, it's about Wrestlemania next year and the year after that. It's about the long term."

While Rollins is not a WWE doctor, his language is pretty plain: Ambrose will not be a part of WrestleMania 34.

At this point that shouldn't be too harsh of a surprise. With less than a month till the big day, there isn't a spot on the card for Dean. Sure, he could hop into the Intercontinental Triple threat match or maybe the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, but what does that prove? Outside of a surprise run-in, Dean just doesn't fit anywhere. Instead, the firepower of his return will be better used after WrestleMania to start a main event level feud—maybe against Rollins.

But before they turn on each either, Rollins shared a few empathetic thoughts on what it’s like to sit out WrestleMania


"Neither of us, myself and Dean, had ever suffered any major injuries," Rollins said. "For me, in the months I was recovering, it was a good experience to step back away from being a pro wrestler and be myself and live my life and experience some things I never had the time for. If you're going to get hurt, the period around WrestleMania is the worst time," he said.

We'll keep you updated on Ambrose' status as things develop, but don't expect him until May.