NXT's Authors of Pain Answer Sheamus and Cesaro's Open Challenge

For weeks, Cesaro and Sheamus have mocked the wrestling world for its inability to produce a worth tag team opponent. Well, that may have just changed.

It’s no secret that RAW Tag Team Division is thin. Becuase of this lack of competition, Cesar and Sheamus—aka The Bar—have had an easy time remaining RAW Tag Team Champions. But now that WrestleMania is so close, the pair of WWE veterans are craving a challenge. So, they opened to floor to anyone on the planet who thinks their good enough.

"Who will Step Up To #TheBar at #WrestleMania34?

The Greatest Tag Team on Earth has NO worthy opponents on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

This is an Open Invitation… #StepUpToTheBar"

Paul Ellering, WWE Hall of Famer and illustrious manager of NXT’s Authors of Pain, was quick to answer the call.

#AOP currently putting finishing touches on "Domain of Dominance" chapter. Next we are going to do a chapter on Obituaries.♞

For those unfamiliar, the Authors of Pain have made quite the mark on NXT. Having already won the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Classic and the NXT Tag Team Championship,s there’s just not much left for them to accomplish in WWE’s Yellow Brand.

Akam and Rezar are over 600 lbs combined. Their formidable presence is amplified by the accompaniment of Alluring, who old school fans will remember from his days as The Legion of Doom's manager. In the AOP, Ellering has paired himself with a similar tag team, except Akam and Rezar like LOD on a bad acid trip.

Ellering and AOP were rumored to jump to SmackDown shortly after the most recent SummerSlam. Clearly, that didn’t happen, but it underlines the fact that WWE feels they are ready for bigger stages.


A match between them and The Bar would be fun, but them debuting at WrestleMania seems a little out of scope. Considering the Hardy’s are on the verge of reuniting, WWE will have a hard time not using them, not AOP, in New Orleans.

We’ll keep you posted as this one develops, but AOP will be on the main roster one day—we just don’t know when.