Bayley on Ronda Rousey: She's Not Taking My Spot

Ronda Rousey's arrival in the WWE women's division has started to shake-up the direction for the company in 2018.

However, one women's star is steadfast that she will not relinquish her spot on the card to the former UFC champion: Bayley.

"She isn't taking my spot, she is not stopping me from achieving my dreams just because she is here," Bayley told Newshub.

Even so, Bayley went on to praise Rousey and the attention that she will surely help bring to WWE.

"She has touched so many different people in the world of sports. People want to see Ronda Rousey because she is an attraction. I have people come up to me at my gym and they tell me they are going to watch because they are big UFC fans. I don't feel like she is taking the spotlight away from us - if anything it is pushing us to be better because she is getting that spotlight, so we have to push harder to keep our spot. My goal is to be the women's champion, to main event on a regular basis, to be at WrestleMania. It doesn't matter to me who comes in, they are not taking my spot unless they earn it," Bayley said.

Bayley's own direction for 2018 has been anything but set in stone. From recent developments on WWE television, it's abundantly clear that she and Sasha Banks have a match in front of them. The question will remain as to who will eventually play the heel; it could be a great chance for Bayley to shake-up her character and find some real footing on the main roster for the first time since her NXT call-up.

The other struggle will be making the WrestleMania card in general, as WWE will feature two women's championship matches (of which Bayley does not look to be part of). Will a third women's singles match (Sasha vs. Bayley) be added to the card? Will it have to be featured on the kickoff show? Or will the feud be settled in a battle royal in order to get all the women on the card?

Bayley also spoke to Newshub about making the WrestleMania lineup.

"I guess everybody feels that pressure given it is WrestleMania season and nobody really knows what's going on unless you are in a championship match. Last year I felt safe because I was the champion, but now, yeah, it is a little nerve racking. I want to be on the card in any form."


She added, ""I would love for it to be against Sasha, but I just don't know if there is enough room for us to give that match the time it deserves. We have a really good connection to the point that anytime we can tell that story we would be able to. If now is a good time and I would to start that up again if we are able to."

[H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.]