Mojo Rawley Signs New WWE Contract

While he never won a Championship in 2017, Mojo Rawley had one of the biggest upward ticks in relevance in all of WWE. And thanks to his surge, WWE awarded him with a new contract

The Wrestling Observer reports that the 31-year old Rawley just signed a new deal with WWE. The details of the contract are unknown, but we can expect to see a lot more of Rawley in the near future.

After a brief stint in the NFL, Rawley joined WWE in 2012. He’d remain in NXT until 2016 he made his main roster debut alongside Zack Ryder as part of the Hype Bros.

However, 2017 saw Mojo wet his beak as a singles competitor with his biggest moment coming at WrestleMania 33 where he won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. In the following months, he and Ryder teased a break up for months but the fateful moment had to wait until the fall to fully manifest. It was Mojo who turned heel and his switch from good guy to bad guy could pay his career dividend.

Rawley’s personality is one of the few in WWE that can jump off of the screen. For some, he may be a little excessive, but the reality of it is that Mojo owns an impressionable character — one bound to garner an opinion

But don’t take our word for it, Stone Cold Steve Austin is a proud fan of Mojo, and said as much in a 2017 episode of his podcast:

“Just as far as the charisma of this guy, he’s got something...he's got a real ease with words and I thought the way he presented them came off as organic as hell," said Austin.

Coming from a man who may be the best talker in WWE history, this is high praise. Few understand and appreciate a good promo quite like Austin. Even though it’s just an opinion, it kind feels like a fact, because Austin is right on target with his comments.

Mojo’s size, athleticism, and NFL background speak volumes to his potential. We may be on the verge of Mojo Rawley becoming a player in WWE. Mojo joins the Miz and Dolph Ziggler as the newest WWE Superstar to get a fresh contract.

Congrats to Mojo!

Photo: WWE